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What is a Faculty Information System?

At its core, a Faculty Information System (FIS) is a complete and flexible solution for managing the complex workflow and data needs associated with faculty. It’s a solution for driving consistency, efficiency, and transparency – something that is desperately needed for higher education institutions large and small. 

Why use an FIS instead of a simple spreadsheet or other tracking tool?

Workflows for faculty are intensive due to the specific set of steps required, the number of stakeholders involved and the need for the work to be done consistently and accurately to avoid the unnecessary expense of error revisions. They require the solicitation and acceptance of external evaluations, consistent and tailored review packets, committee reviews, and process variations by title and rank.

The data and information needs of managing faculty is far more complex than that of other employees. Faculty data on activities such as publications, grants, teaching history, and appointments support evaluations and assist faculty in networking and self promotion. Faculty data such as demographics, sabbatical eligibility, course loads, and FTE allocations can help with important internal and external reporting needs. This could include accreditation reporting, DEI reporting, and much more.  

A strong FIS does much more than make life easier for your faculty affairs team. It becomes a way to improve work for all key stakeholders such as faculty, department staff, HR and more. An FIS drives operational efficiency, reduces cycle time, and improves the quality of collaboration. It monitors every workflow, ensures work is being accomplished, notifies of potential issues and illustrates what is yet to be completed.  For those that infrequently participate in a workflow, an FIS is the “user manual” laying out the steps and requirements for each workflow. With an FIS in place, the need to call faculty affairs to obtain a workflow update, generate a CV or document activity is a thing of the past. Everyone can access the system electronically when they need to. 

A high quality FIS, adapted to your institution’s needs, can be a powerful tool that drives consistency, quality, efficiency, and transparency with all involved stakeholders. If your team is struggling with a set of tools that are ill-suited to task, an FIS is worth your serious consideration. 

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