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Based on technology originally developed in a world-renowned medical school, SmartPath is the premier faculty management solution of the medical and dental school community.

“Quite frankly, Mountain Pass didn’t have to make many adjustments to what I was asking for because their product already did it.” – Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs, OUWB

Deploy Workflows That Handle the Complexities of a Medical School Environment

Traditional FIS solutions cannot manage the nuance of a medical or dental school workflow. SmartPath is built to meet these specific process requirements, avoiding difficult decisions that require changes to meet software capabilities.

Manage Appointment, Onboarding, Credentialing and Enrollment in a Unified Manner

Seamlessly and concurrently manage multiple workflows from one interface, removing the silos between departments, and allowing the workflows to work together and inform one another.

When a top-tier dental school wanted to improve the appointment process for hiring their faculty, they needed to also simultaneously handle credentialing and onboarding to really see the benefits. SmartPath enabled an integrated set of workflows that reduced the time required by 75%!

“We’ve actually had a couple appointment time frames where we’ve gotten 100 percent of the paperwork back. It was like we wanted to have a party because that’s never happened before. We got everybody!” – Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs & Professional Development

Reduce “Time to Billing”

Getting physicians into the clinics and able to bill for services upon arrival requires an efficient onboarding process. SmartPath does just that! By emphasizing first time quality, eliminating paper, and connecting all the relevant stakeholders through one integrated workflow, issues that slow you down are virtually eliminated.

Manage Everyone

From one interface, SmartPath manages all the professionals in your organization; faculty physicians, residents, nurse practitioners, clinician assistants, locum tenens, community educators, adjuncts and non-physician providers.

“SmartPath allows workflows to know the requirements for each title and adjusts accordingly based on the type of faculty appointment/title you are hiring. This makes the workflow an “instruction manual” for your specific requirements.” – Deb Komorowski, Vice President, Customer Relations, Mountain Pass Solutions

Reports like AAMC Famous, AAMC Annual Salary Survey, LCME Accreditation

Capture the Data Needed for AAMC, LCME and other requests

Your accreditors want an extensive amount of data. SmartPath keeps it all in one location, making it easy to retrieve. Its flexible faculty profile database enables you to store all of the information needed to power reports for accreditation agencies.

Manage Relationships with Affiliated Health Systems

SmartPath simplifies the tracking and managing of affiliated health system relationships, adjunct faculty and community physicians. Its workflow solution also enhances the appointment, promotion and reappointment process for hiring these individuals, by allowing the required paperwork to be completed within the workflow.

“SmartPath is the key to addressing the painfully time-consuming and antiquated ways we have been limping along with for years” – Administrative Assistant, Dental School