Higher Education Faculty Affairs.

Intuitive Faculty Position Management Software

Mountain Pass offers a suite of faculty position management (FPM) solutions designed to consolidate onboarding, appointment, evaluation, and promotion processes into an optimized, web-based workflow.

SmartPath™ for Medical Schools

Streamlined appointment, credentialing, enrollment,
evaluation, promotion, and reappointment processes.

SmartPath™ for Academic Institutions

Appoint new faculty members, complete evaluations,
promote faculty, and consistently meet deadlines.

Fine Tune Your Faculty Position Management Process

Mountain Pass delivers best-in-class workflow consulting services and a secure, web-based platform to solve the toughest faculty position management challenges at academic and medical schools. With our seamless FPM processes, you can:

SmartPath Faculty Dashboard Lifecycle Circle
  • Onboard
    Once the candidate is identified, offer letters can be approved within 24 hours and sent to the candidate. Upon accepting the position, the candidate can enter their personal information using our smart form technology, decreasing error rates and incomplete submissions by as much as 90% to improve initial data quality and reduce rework.
  • Appoint
    With SmartPath, everything is paperless. Our efficient workflows facilitate the solicitation of arm’s length academic references and keep departments working in tandem to complete the process in a fraction of the time.
  • Evaluate
    Solicit and create evaluations electronically and track progress when considering faculty members for salary changes or promotions.
  • Promote
    Gather key faculty data, collect academic evaluations, and create electronic packets to expedite the promotion processes with our optimized workflows.
  • Career Events & Tenure
    Track the most important administrative events in a faculty member’s career such as start dates, tenure clock, sabbaticals, endowed professorships, and promotions – all from one dashboard.
  • “SmartPath™ was by far the most phenomenal option available. No other company could match the Mountain Pass team’s knowledge of the academic process. We didn’t have to waste valuable time bringing them up to speed on medical school workflow. They already knew it as well as we did. The choice was easy; it was SmartPath™ or nothing.”

    Deirdre Pitts, Ph.D., SCP-IPMA
    Interim Associate Dean for Academic, Faculty Affairs, and Diversity & Inclusion
    Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

  • “The whole School of Medicine is excited about SmartPath™. Every week somebody from Student Affairs, a faculty member or an associate dean comes by my office and says, ‘Can we have SmartPath™ do this? Are we able to get SmartPath™?’ Departments throughout the University could absolutely benefit from an online process.”

    Janine DeWitte, M.Ed., PHR
    Manager of Faculty Affairs & Professional Development
    Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

  • “My employees are no longer coming to me with problems; they’re coming to me with solutions. SmartPath™ is so intuitive. The dashboard delivers important faculty information at a glance, with the complete roster, faculty data and status updates accessible in just a few intuitive clicks.”

    Deirdre Pitts, Ph.D., SCP-IPMA
    Interim Associate Dean for Academic, Faculty Affairs, and Diversity & Inclusion
    Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

  • “In the past 20 years, the volume of faculty in the medical school has grown tremendously. If we were doing things the old way with paper and emails, the Office of Faculty Affairs would probably need to triple its staff to handle today’s volume. With SmartPath™, more volume is handled with far fewer problems and less stress than before.”

    Kim Leahy
  • “Reviews for approval are all done online with SmartPath™, so I don’t have to leave my research faculty office to go over to the Dean’s Office and grab the paper documents. I can do it all online. It’s all digital now. It’s the world we live in. It makes everything much easier.”

    Nick Lukacs, Ph.D.
  • “Before SmartPath™, I was sending emails to faculty at other institutions with a whole slew of twenty or more attachments. It looked unprofessional. SmartPath sends beautiful packets with everything in one PDF with live links. We want to present a professional image that validates our status as a world-class medical school, and we want our faculty to look good, too. SmartPath has made a huge difference in how we present our medical school to other institutions.”

    Samual J. Cliff
  • “Knowing all of the requirements for every position is confusing and overwhelming. Before SmartPath™, information was scattered in various resources, things were easily missed, and mistakes were made too often. It was a huge source of frustration and personal disappointment. Now, required documents are auto populated and the checklist keeps everyone informed. I can do my job better. SmartPath makes me and my department more efficient.”

    Chris Rupkey
  • “Oftentimes we would receive the packet of required documents, and lo and behold, we would find out that the department had not posted for a position or completed the recruitment requirements. It felt like we were starting in the middle of the process, then have to go backward.”

    Kim Leahy
  • “Now that I am able to initiate promotion packets, upload items, and solicit reviewers in the SmartPath™ system, I can complete the entire process in less than one hour. Our department has experienced a remarkable increase in efficiency now that all documents and processes are managed in SmartPath.”

    Department of Internal Medicine
  • “SmartPath™ has saved me a significant amount of time and improved the quality and accuracy of materials sent to reviewers. With all files stored in the dashboard, it’s easy to add reviewers and send new requests. SmartPath has been a huge help!”

    Department of Pediatrics
  • “SmartPath™ is amazingly easy. Onboarding, Appointments, even Promotions have been historically difficult and cumbersome. With SmartPath APT that is no longer the case.’”

    H. Margaret Brieske