Your Complete Faculty Information Solution

Flexible. Complete. Insightful

Seamlessly manage onboarding, appointment, evaluation, promotion, and tenure processes. Consolidate all your faculty data in one secure and easy-to-use system.

  • Deploy complete and dynamic workflows
  • Maintain an auditable and reportable record of all major career events
  • Make committee-based reviews easier on everybody
  • Request and collect anonymous evaluations
  • Break down barriers between internal groups
  • Facilitate internal and external collaboration
  • Track complete profiles with structured data
  • Consolidate important demographic, salary, and appointment info
  • Produce professional CVs in your organization’s format
  • Leverage and upload 3rd party data sets
  • Assign proxies for data entry
  • Maintain an accurate list of all faculty
  • Understand faculty titles, tracks, ranks, time in rank and other data across the organization
  • Easily visualize faculty histories
  • View and monitor status across workflows
  • Respond efficiently to accreditation requests
  • Deliver faculty activity reporting
  • Generate DEI insights and analysis
  • Build ad hoc queries
  • Deploy custom reports
  • Export data
Faculty Data
  • Utilize a central data repository to power all faculty information system features
  • Interface with other systems to populate your repository

Sample Workflows

  • Sabbatical
  • Tenure
  • Onboarding
  • Enrolling
  • Annual Review
  • Credentialing
  • Appointment
  • Promotion
  • Post-Tenure Review
  • Teaching Review
  • Reappointment
  • Annual Contract Process

Meet the Needs of Today & Tomorrow

No Compromise Zone

SmartPath’s unique configurability allows the solution to meet your needs. Easily track the specific information you need to get your job done and eliminate shadow systems. Manage your workflows as you designed them and avoid compromise due to software constraints.

Go Ahead, Ask Anything

The data is waiting for you. Whether you use SmartPath’s query tool and predefined reports, or your organization’s enterprise reporting system, you can get the answers you need.


Things change, but SmartPath has you covered. Built on a configurable platform, SmartPath can easily accommodate new and changed requirements over time.


Our implementation team is led by industry experts that know what it takes to deploy a software solution and, just as importantly, help you assimilate the benefits of the solution into your organization’s daily activities. We utilize a consistent process led by a named implementation manager with access to the Mountain Pass resources required for success.


We have your back and our tech support team is ready to respond. Connect with us through the phone or email, whatever works best. Whether it’s a simple question about a feature, an inquiry on solving a challenge or an idea to implement, we want to hear from you.

Customer Peer Groups

Learn and engage. We believe in the power of collaboration. All SmartPath customers have the option to join a peer group for information exchange, best practice identification and messaging back to Mountain Path on product direction.

Let’s make this easy.

The Mountain Pass team is here to support you every step of the way.

Our goal is nothing less than a smooth implementation and a great on-going product experience.

A Product For All Budgets

SmartPath is a tremendous value for any sized faculty affairs office. With a flexible licensing model, we can adapt to meet your needs. Regardless of the number of faculty you support, we’d like to help you solve your management challenges.

Our commitment to you includes:

An eagerness to meet your needs.
You chose us to solve your problems, we listen.

An appreciation for your organization’s uniqueness.
Every faculty affairs department has slightly different needs and we want to accommodate them.

Responsive and proactive communication.
You need to know what’s going on and we will be honest about items that need attention.

Attentiveness to the little details.
Every detail matters, regardless of size. We manage all of them.

A focus on timelines and progress.
A disciplined approach to project management ensures progress toward implementation.