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What can SmartPath do for you?

Thinking about making a change in the way you manage faculty data and automate faculty processes? The idea of deploying a new system can be daunting. But we’ve seen over and over that once people get a taste of the benefits, they wish they had started earlier!

Here are a few examples of what a flexible faculty management solution like SmartPath can do for you: 

  1. Streamline Appointment Processes: SmartPath’s custom email templates can automate the sending of appointment letters, significantly reducing the time and effort involved in these communications. This means faster onboarding and a more welcoming experience for new faculty members.
  1. Enhance Coordination and Security: With SmartPath, all participants in the workflow—from faculty members to administrators—are securely connected, making the coordination of tasks and communications much smoother and more secure. This connectivity ensures that sensitive information is protected while facilitating collaboration.
  1. Automate Review Packet Generation: The process of creating review packets (including multiple variations) is automated in SmartPath, pulling directly from uploaded documents and completed forms. This practice saves administrative time and ensures review materials are accurate and comprehensive, leading to more informed decision-making.
  1. Enable Electronic Approvals: Electronic approvals streamline the decision-making process, allowing for quicker hiring and promotion of faculty. This feature eliminates the need for cumbersome paper trails, making it easier to track and complete approvals.
  1. Simplify Evaluator Communications: SmartPath makes it easy for key stakeholders to communicate with both internal and external evaluators. With features designed to simplify the exchange of information on candidates, this leads to a faster and more efficient evaluation process for everybody.
  1. Customize Communication Templates: The platform’s customizable email templates allow for the automation of complex communications, such as welcome and congratulatory messages, thereby ensuring that all stakeholders are promptly and appropriately informed. This customization capability allows institutions to maintain their unique voice while leveraging automation for efficiency.
  1. Centralize Data Management: By centralizing faculty data and documents, SmartPath helps institutions avoid the pitfalls of data duplication and scattered information. This centralization not only improves data accuracy and integrity but also makes it easier for stakeholders to access the information they need when they need it.
  1. Make Workflow Tracking Transparent: SmartPath provides transparent tracking of all faculty-related workflows, such as appointments, promotions, and renewals, offering real-time updates and insights. This transparency aids in managing expectations and facilitates smoother transitions through each phase of the academic life cycle.

By addressing common pain points with these innovative features, SmartPath not only enhances operational efficiency, it also contributes to a more engaging and satisfying experience for faculty and administrators alike. Discover how Mountain Pass Solutions can support your institution’s FIS needs today!

Tom Simon is the Chief Executive Officer for Mountain Pass Solutions.

A growth-focused startup software executive, Tom has a proven history of success working with industry giants, including Intel, Kellogg’s, Deloitte Consulting, and Valassis. Developing strategy and tactics to strengthen the internal team and its roadmap, Tom has successfully used his leadership to advance core customer relationships and generate sustainable growth for Mountain Pass Solutions.