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Automating Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Processes

According to a recent AACU survey, over 70% of college presidents anticipate revenue losses of 10% or more. So, is now really the right time to consider automating your appointment, promotion, and tenure processes?

We’ve all seen the stats. And most of us are in the midst of experiencing them personally.

Today’s faculty affairs leaders are being asked to find more efficiencies within their institutions. But how do you find ways do more with less — when your time and resources were strained to begin with?

One place to look is your appointment, promotion, and tenure processes. In many institutions across the country, these processes have not seen the full benefit of automation.

So what’s driving the technology lag? Topping the list:
  • Concerns about cost
  • Apprehension about the time (and energy) needed to review or implement a new solution
  • And sometimes, it’s just easier to keep the status quo  
Of course, that was “then.” In today’s new normal, the time for technology has come! 

And now, for some good news… An effective APT solution can actually pay for itself. What’s more, the right-fit solution will go well above and beyond — saving you and your team significant time and money. (Leaving you with more resources to focus on strategic imperatives… instead of tactical execution.)

Here are just a few ways areas where a good faculty management solution can drive efficiencies:
  • Assembling digital casebooks for review
  • Soliciting and tracking evaluations
  • Facilitating committee reviews and approvals
  • Ensuring quality and compliance with built-in business rules
  • Limiting rework when revisions are needed
  • Optimizing processes to take advantage of digital capabilities

Our Buying Guide was written to help you evaluate a potential faculty information system purchase. If you have not downloaded it, please do. It’s informed from our team’s combined experience working in faculty affairs and with faculty affairs departments.

Tom Simon is the Chief Executive Officer for Mountain Pass Solutions.

A growth-focused startup software executive, Tom has a proven history of success working with industry giants, including Intel, Kellogg’s, Deloitte Consulting, and Valassis. Developing strategy and tactics to strengthen the internal team and its roadmap, Tom has successfully used his leadership to advance core customer relationships and generate sustainable growth for Mountain Pass Solutions.