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Why “Build Your Own” when you can quickly deploy SmartPath?

SmartPath was built to provide you with the flexibility of a handcrafted solution without compromising the benefits of an off-the-shelf software. Institutions require a comprehensive solution that is tailored to their unique data, process, and integration needs, however, building your own solution can be an enormous undertaking. Let’s explore the buy vs build phenomenon further.

Building Your Own Solution Has Hidden Long-Term Costs

When deciding between buying or building your software solution, long-term effects need to be top of mind. Although this approach may appear cost effective at first, there are inefficiencies that will inevitably present themselves over time. Building your own solution can come with a myriad of potential pitfalls resulting in soaring costs and maintenance mishaps needing your resolution.

  • Development costs: The cost associated with building a software automation solution can be enormous. Software solutions in the faculty affairs space require ample customization and/or integration to meet numerous development expectations, all of which can become very costly. 
  • Development risks/ Maintenance: Constructing your own solution comes with its own set of potential challenges related to industry expertise. If the development team has not spent many years in the faculty affairs space, it is highly likely that they may miss the mark even after an extensive amount of time and expense. As internal IT staff advance in their career or leave the institution, their unique knowledge of the solution could be gone. Furthermore, maintenance is expensive and not highly coveted work for top talent. Having a knowledgeable and experienced team to continuously take the lead is imperative to the success of your institution. 
  • Futureproofing: Talking to customers and prospects, we’ve heard of many platforms developed on old tech that become unsupportable. With no internal team to redevelop the solution, those faculty affairs teams were left with their hands tied. 

Off-the Shelf Benefits

Off-the-shelf solutions deliver several unique advantages. By embedding industry best practices, software tools such as SmartPath allow you to leverage the insights of your peer institutions. Leveraging technology and spreading overhead costs across multiple clients is a direct benefit to the user. Additionally, collaboration is cultivated amongst customers which only furthers skillsets, and encourages learning opportunities across the team.

Leading the Way

With the help of Mountain Pass Solution’s leading-edge technology, SmartPath is built with you in mind. Our core engine delivers all the benefits of off-the-shelf software, while our data-driven configuration layer allows you to tailor your workflows and data without the expense of custom development. It’s the best of both worlds! The result? A robust FIS, that is both highly configurable and cost effective. We look forward to working with you and your team to develop an individualized and efficient solution that exceeds your highest expectations.

Please reach out and schedule a demo with the Mountain Pass team today! 

Tom Simon is the Chief Executive Officer for Mountain Pass Solutions.

A growth-focused startup software executive, Tom has a proven history of success working with industry giants, including Intel, Kellogg’s, Deloitte Consulting, and Valassis. Developing strategy and tactics to strengthen the internal team and its roadmap, Tom has successfully used his leadership to advance core customer relationships and generate sustainable growth for Mountain Pass Solutions.