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Case Study: Driving Operational Efficiency in Faculty Affairs

What is the problem?

A highly ranked dental school was inundated with inefficient processes like appointing, credentialing, and onboarding faculty and staff. They also lacked a central data repository for faculty and their accomplishments. Together, it created much difficulty hiring and evaluating faculty.  

Traditional approaches to managing faculty affairs cost way too much time and money. This includes critical issues impacting multiple departments such as:

  • Missing documentation
  • Lack of visibility into overall processes
  • Difficulty tracking down paper files for faculty
  • Trouble maintaining updated credentials
Here is the solution

Use Mountain Pass’ SmartPath software to automate and streamline processes!

Experts recommend using the SmartPath faculty affairs management software to automate appointments, credentialing and onboarding. Designed with flexibility in mind, SmartPath is a highly personalized platform that allowed the dental school to convert time-sensitive, manual tasks into streamlined, all-digital workflows.

What are the results?

The institution saw a 75% reduction in the overall time required to process faculty appointments, credentialing, and onboarding. This is the time saved by individual departments:

  • Faculty Affairs: 92%
  • Credentialing: 88%
  • Human Resources: 75%
  • Department Staff: 66%
  • Dental Informatics: 50%

Contact Mountain Pass to learn how to help your school, university or health system simplify faculty lifecycle management, improve data quality, and reduce administrative burdens.