Higher Education CV Faculty Activity Reporting Software

Comparing candidate CVs has never been this easy

Sifting through stacks of paper CVs and searching for pertinent data is now a thing of the past. With the SmartPath™ CV module from Mountain Pass, all candidate CVs are produced electronically in the same format—making faculty activity reporting easier than ever before.

The CV module is a great compliment to our SmartPath workflow platform. With CV, faculty members can add and edit personal and career information directly in the SmartPath system.

Smartpath CV Faculty Activity Reporting

Based on your school’s predefined parameters, Mountain Pass produces a CV for each candidate or faculty member in an identical format. This allows you to easily compare candidates one-to-one across every pertinent metric or category.

Easily compare candidates for promotions

The SmartPath CV software moves documents logically throughout departments to streamline and expedite the promotion process. Our CV module is the first application to deliver consistent formatting of all faculty member CVs per your school’s preferences. Smart forms remove extraneous information from CVs, making comparison of candidates more consistent and efficient based on your school’s CV criteria.

The result? Reduced CV length and a uniform, dependable format that simplifies candidate comparison for faculty activity reporting.