Faculty Administration and Management is a tedious, time consuming process that makes Administrators long for Summer Vacation. Addressing the often manual, always laborious tasks associated with Appointing, Promoting and Tenure Tracking of Faculty members,  SmartPath™ makes Faculty Position Management easier and more efficient for all associated with this mission critical process. With 24/7 access to the online templates and action plans, Administrators, Faculty Members and associated Staff, all are enabled and empowered to contribute and take control of the process through timely notification and access. Eliminating the legendary call, email and nag persona common in the APT process, SmartPath provides for efficient input, notifications and confirmation for all contributing members who require process oversight and current status updates.

Need proof?

At a major North American Medical School, SmartPath™ helped reduce time-to-enrollment of clinicians from 59 days down to 8 days, allowing the University to capture $1.5M per year in additional revenue in the first year!

Collaboration with our partner Universities drives us at Mountain Pass Solutions. Your feedback and success stories are key to improving Faculty Administration Management. Our clients share what their workflow was like after implementing SmartPath™ workflow builder at their university.



“Now that I am able to initiate promotion packets, upload items, and solicit reviewers in the SmartPath™ system, I can complete the entire process in less than one hour. Our department has experienced a remarkable increase in efficiency now that all documents and processes are managed inSmartPath™.”

School of Internal Medicine


“SmartPath™ has saved me a significant amount of time and improved the quality and accuracy of materials sent to reviewers. With all files stored in the dashboard, it’s easy to add reviewers and send new requests. SmartPath™ has been a huge help!”

Department of Pediatrics


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