Simplify the Faculty Appointment Process

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Deans and Department Chairs work hard to find and secure the most talented educators for your university. Unfortunately, onboarding new faculty members isn’t typically an easy process.

Mountain Pass changes all that. SmartPath™ digitizes your faculty position management workflows and simplifies the onboarding process to make the dream of efficient appointment of new faculty hires a reality.

Managing Faculty Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

The typical faculty appointment and lifecycle management process is overly complex and riddled with inefficiencies that create extra, unnecessary work for your faculty affairs, department, and academic HR staff.

Faculty members are not immune to these inefficiencies. Candidates and new hires often complain about the lack of organization within the department and the excruciatingly slow appointment process, especially as they juggle the stress and pressures of moving their families, starting a new job, and awaiting their first paycheck.

Transparent Faculty Position Management

Mountain Pass has streamlined the faculty position management process with a convenient web-based dashboard and lean workflow optimization. SmartPath empowers faculty affairs, departments, and academic HR professionals with the tools to efficiently onboard, appoint, evaluate, and promote academic faculty.

Faculty members and candidates have full access to their Faculty Dashboard 24/7. They can quickly login to upload documents or complete required CV and personal information. Every event in a faculty member’s career lifecycle can be viewed in one place.

Solving Complex Administrative Workflow Puzzles

Based on technology originally developed by a nationally recognized medical school, SmartPath solves the most complex administrative workflow inefficiencies that plague faculty affairs, department, and academic HR administrators.

Our web-based faculty position management software as a service platform supports every step of the academic faculty lifecycle, from the first affiliation with the university to termination or retirement.