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Mountain Pass believes that every academic school and department can gain efficiencies from streamlined, optimized faculty position management.

With the help of our proven faculty lifecycle workflows, faculty affairs, department, and academic HR professionals can bring order to the bureaucracy of academic institutions and drastically reduce the amount of tedious administrative work required to onboard, appoint, and promote faculty members.

Now that I am able to initiate promotion packets, upload items, and solicit reviewers in the SmartPath™ system, I can complete the entire process in less than one hour. Our department has experienced a remarkable increase in efficiency now that all documents and processes are managed in SmartPath."

University of Michigan Department of Internal Medicine

Mountain Pass vs. Paper Packets

The traditional faculty appointment process is a long, arduous journey for all faculty affairs staff, departments, academic HR professionals, and faculty members involved. The lack of a centralized, secure repository of information is the main reason the process takes so long.

Hundreds of pages of forms, CVs, and packets are mailed back and forth between the faculty member and the university and across several departments. If a form comes back with incorrect information, the cycle has to start all over with postal mailing and faxes to request corrections.

Mountain Pass considers the entire faculty position management lifecycle to help departments work in parallel, not serially. Our Appoint and Promote modules are workflow-based applications specialized in moving documents logically to get approvals in a timely manner.

One Dashboard for the Entire Faculty Lifecycle

Mountain Pass makes the faculty position management process simple for all faculty members. Our easy-to-use dashboard provides faculty members with one source for every step of their career lifecycle. They can easily see which documents need to be uploaded, what information needs to be provided, and quickly check the status of their appointment, evaluation, or promotion.

This unprecedented transparency into the faculty position management process will significantly reduce call volumes coming into your faculty affairs and academic HR offices, freeing your staff to serve your school and university in a more meaningful capacity. With Mountain Pass, the Office of Faculty Affairs saves an estimated 62 hours worth of monthly staff time as a direct result of reduced call volumes.

Refocus Your Staff Without Eliminating Jobs

When faculty position management workflows are optimized to fit the needs of your department, workloads can be more efficiently distributed among the appropriate staff. Instead of eliminating jobs, Mountain Pass lifts the administrative burdens from many faculty affairs, department, and academic HR personnel so they can perform the jobs they were hired to do.

What Can You Gain from an Optimized Workforce?

Once your department’s faculty position management workflows are streamlined with Mountain Pass, your staff will be freed to perform the jobs they love. Mountain Pass helps faculty affairs, department, and academic HR personnel stay on top of their work, eliminating thousands of pages of paper packets and hundreds of calls each month.