Increase Revenues at Medical Schools

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Health systems cannot bill payors before clinical faculty are fully credentialed and enrolled. Oftentimes a faculty member begins their position days or months before the health system can bill payors, leading to a large gap in reimbursement revenue.

With SmartPath™, medical schools can optimize faculty position management workflows to appoint, credential, and enroll new faculty quicker and easier than ever before so health systems can approve clinicians to treat patients on their first day and bill for services provided. SmartPath helped a world-class medical school reduce time-to-enrollment of clinicians from 59 days down to 8 days, allowing the university to capture $1.5M per year in additional revenue in the first year.

Quick and Accurate Clinician Onboarding

Once a candidate’s offer is approved, the new clinician enters their personal information in the SmartPath Faculty Dashboard. Our smart form technology captures the right data correctly the first time, improving data quality and eliminating costly rework.

Mountain Pass also collects each clinician’s National Provider Identifier (NPI) at the beginning of the process, removing delays later on in the cycle and allowing your clinicians to bill payors on their first day in the clinic.

Our sophisticated workflows have reduced error rates at a leading academic medical center by 90%.

Streamlined Appointment Workflows

Mountain Pass streamlines the entire appointment process. By transforming the arduous paper-based methods into an accurate, web-based workflow, SmartPath gets departments working in parallel to complete the appointment processes quickly.

For the first time, the solicitation of references is completely web-based with the SmartPath Faculty Dashboard, eliminating printing and mailing costs associated with paper packets and the lengthy delays that come with them.

SmartPath also diminishes the potential for rejected references by screening for arm’s length and other criteria, eliminating further rework and delays.