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Track Faculty Positions with Joy, Not Dread

Appointments, evaluations, promotions, and other major events should be exciting milestones in faculty members’ academic careers. Unfortunately, due to the lengthy faculty position management methods employed by most universities, staff, and faculty members have come to dread these processes.

SmartPath™ makes faculty position management processes easier and more convenient for faculty members. With 24/7 access to the online Faculty Dashboard, candidates are empowered to take control of the process by logging in at any time to add information, upload documents, and check for status updates.

When it comes to managing casebooks, SmartPath™ is the cream of the crop.

Lorie K. Faculty Affairs Manager

Efficiency Gained at Every Turn

Your school is under constant pressure to appoint new faculty members, complete evaluations in a timely manner, promote the highest-performing faculty, and consistently meet deadlines. When you partner with Mountain Pass, your school will realize these efficiencies and more from optimized faculty lifecycle management for universities.

Eliminate Unnecessary Calls and Paper

SmartPath, our academic faculty lifecycle management software, transforms your outdated paper-based methods into an accurate electronic workflow, relieving faculty affairs, department, and academic HR staff from the burden of processing thousands of pages of paper each year.

With 24/7 online access to the Faculty Dashboard, departments and candidates no longer need to call faculty affairs, departments, and academic HR offices for status updates, reducing call intake volumes by up to 85%. With the time efficiencies gained from SmartPath, your school’s faculty affairs, department, and academic HR personnel can spend their time doing more meaningful work for your school.

SmartPath improves initial quality of information and reduces error rates by up to 90%. Be confident that information is entered correctly into the system the first time and reduce unnecessary rework and embarrassing mistakes.

Success Shows

Your decision to bring the efficiencies of SmartPath to your school will reflect highly on your thought leadership and innovative resource management. Your school’s faculty affairs and academic HR departments will save unprecedented amounts of time and money on faculty position management, which will catch the attention of your Dean, Chairs, and university executives.

Your school has the unique chance to be the first in your university to streamline faculty position management workflows, and among the first of your kind in the country to employ these advanced practices. Are you ready to take the lead?