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Increase Revenues with Efficient Clinician Appointments

SmartPath™ manages the sophisticated faculty position management workflows of academic medical centers, health systems, and hospitals. Our streamlined appointment, credentialing, enrollment, evaluation, promotion, and reappointment processes enable medical and dental schools to hire the best talent more efficiently to capture additional revenues.

Workflow efficiencies gained with SmartPath allowed a leading medical school to receive an additional $1.5M in reimbursement revenue in the first year alone.

Learn More About Capturing Additional Revenue with SmartPath

SmartPath™ automatically emails the person who's been asked to evaluate the candidate. It automatically sends the dossier packet and the evaluation criteria. The reviewer opens up the document and there's a letter from me asking them to do the evaluation, and when they get done, they just upload it into our system, and then, 'Bing!' I get a notice that the evaluation has been received. I can't tell you how helpful it's been.

Deirdre P. Interim Associate Dean for Academic, Faculty Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion

Get Clinicians Billing Faster

It is simply unacceptable for health systems to be unable to bill payors during a clinician’s first weeks of employment due to appointing or credentialing issues. SmartPath’s efficient appointment workflow removes unnecessary credentialing delays, enabling clinicians to see patients and bill for services on their very first day.

Our appointment process eliminates central offices and departmental silos so all parties are working in tandem to onboard new clinicians as quickly as possible. Clinicians can enter their personal information, including their National Provider Identifier (NPI), and upload documents to our easy-to-use online dashboard, significantly reducing the delays associated with paper-based forms and documents.

With electronic solicitation for academic references, SmartPath moves the entire faculty review workflow online to condense the traditional process for departments from days of work down to just hours.

Proven Success

Mountain Pass optimizes faculty lifecycle management workflows at one of the nation’s oldest, largest, and highest ranked medical schools. This top-tier medical school uses SmartPath to process over 400 candidates and 150 promotions each year. 140 department users, nine committees, and six faculty affairs personnel use SmartPath to efficiently manage faculty lifecycles and review packets online.

Completely Electronic Packets

With SmartPath, appointment packets and academic reference solicitation packets are generated and distributed online, transforming the once paper-heavy process into an accurate, electronic operation. Our smart form technology prevents incomplete or inaccurate information from entering the packet, reducing errors and increasing quality.

At approximately 300 pages per faculty member and over 400 candidates processed per year, a nationally recognized medical school saves about 120,000 pages of paper each year in solicitation packets alone.

Mountain Pass helps medical and dental schools realize great printing, mailing, and space-saving efficiencies that faculty affairs, academic HR offices, and Advisory committees will love when reviewing packets.

Potential for Greater Efficiencies

After your medical school optimizes faculty lifecycle management workflows for clinicians, there’s no limit to the potential for further efficiency gains throughout your health system. Mountain Pass will soon be streamlining workflows for residents, nurse practitioners, clinician assistants, locum tenens, and non-physician providers.

Faculty Affairs Software for New Medical Schools

New medical schools have the unique opportunity to establish efficient workflows and faculty position management processes from the start. SmartPath will allow your new medical school to quickly hire a complete roster of faculty and credential and enroll clinicians.

Our efficient HR software for new medical schools and easy-to-use Faculty Dashboard provide faculty affairs and academic HR departments with the tools to streamline the appointment of new faculty and clinicians without the need for a large support staff.

Efficient Workflows Employed at Michigan’s Newest Medical School

Our experienced workflow consultants helped one of the nation’s newest medical schools establish efficient workflows and procedures to streamline onboarding of new faculty members.