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Higher education faculty affairs and academic HR departments are in dire need of easy-to-use faculty position management software. The labor-intensive manual processes these faculty affairs professionals endure each day are taxing on employees, departments, budgets, and candidates. They deserve a complete solution.

Mountain Pass makes implementation of the SmartPath™ software easy on IT departments to reduce the stress and work associated with adopting a new software platform. Our experts will work tirelessly to ensure your technicians aren’t burdened with extra work.

Simple Data Integration

Mountain Pass enables connections to other data sources to eliminate duplicate data entry and streamline information flow. For example, Mountain Pass integrates with leading background check organizations to easily manage the hundreds of background checks conducted each year at your school.

Low Internal Maintenance

As a web-based SaaS solution, there are no servers or updates for your already overloaded IT staff to worry about. While in-house workflow “fixes” create islands of information and only solve part of the faculty position management problem, Mountain Pass offers a complete, low internal maintenance solution supported by industry-leading consultants and developers.

Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Data Center

Mountain Pass uses an ultra-secure, HIPAA-compliant data center for all hosting, backup, and failover needs, keeping our system 100% secure and highly available.

Technology and Expertise Not Easily Replicated

World-leading developers and workflow experts at a top-tier university perfected the SmartPath faculty position management software over five years. Internal development teams simply cannot replicate the complexity of Mountain Pass’ application in a shorter amount of time or at a lower cost.

Not only is our system unique to Mountain Pass, but the collective intellectual property and workflow expertise of our developers and consulting team cannot be matched. With Mountain Pass, you also get continued developments and updates as the system evolves, keeping your school’s faculty position management workflows up-to-date without any additional personnel or monetary investments.

Schools and departments looking to build their own faculty position management system should be prepared for at least a multi-year effort employing a full design and development team, plus a dedicated staff for ongoing updates and maintenance.

Have Technical Questions?

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