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Human resources departments at colleges and universities are faced with some of the most challenging workflows and requirements in the industry.

Appointing and promoting academic faculty members requires hundreds of pages of paperwork for each candidate and traditionally takes months to complete, even without significant time delays.

The Paperless Dream Becomes a Reality

SmartPath™ academic human resources software streamlines faculty position management workflows and brings the entire process online, eliminating the thousands of pages of CVs, reference letters, and solicitation packets that filter through your office.

Considering the typical candidate’s CV is anywhere from 100-300 pages long, there is a huge potential for efficiency, accuracy, and security gains.

Our CV module removes extraneous data from candidate CVs so you’re presented only with the data you care about. Consistent CV formatting for every candidate allows for easy one-to-one comparison of pertinent selection criteria.

Eliminate Your Outdated Excel Spreadsheets

Still tracking the faculty position management process across several inefficient, outdated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets? Bring the process into the 21st century with complete online management and tracking.

Academic HR professionals can login to the online dashboard at any time to check the status of the process, view completed and unfinished tasks, and access important documents. The full faculty roster is available online at all times for convenient and up-to-date tracking and management.

Faculty members and candidates are empowered to become informed, proactive participants in the process with 24/7 access to the dashboard, eliminating unnecessary status update calls to your office.