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Yes, It’s This Easy to Manage Faculty Positions

Faculty affairs, department, and academic HR professionals are too often inundated with paperwork, chasing down references and evaluations, and fielding status update calls from departments and eager candidates. Managing faculty doesn’t have to be this hard.

Mountain Pass delivers a long-awaited solution to your workflow challenges. Starting with our lean-based workflow review, our seasoned team of optimization experts will evaluate your existing bottlenecks and deliver specific recommendations for improvement.

Once our higher education faculty affairs management software is implemented, your school will feel the impact immediately. We’ve helped world-leading universities solve some of the toughest academic faculty affairs management challenges. With SmartPath™, you can reduce call volumes by up to 85%, decrease error rates by up to 90%, and save thousands of dollars each year on printing and mailing costs.

Say Goodbye to Crisis Management Mode

Your faculty affairs, department, and academic HR staff want to perform the jobs they were hired and trained to do, but are buried in paperwork and often operate in “crisis management mode” to facilitate last-minute faculty member requests.

With SmartPath’s easy-to-use Faculty Dashboard, faculty members and candidates are empowered to take charge of their own lifecycle process, drastically reducing the amount of faculty handholding required by your staff.

Mountain Pass enables your staff to perform their jobs to the best of their capabilities with optimized faculty position management workflows and electronic reporting. Your employees will thank you for adding value to their jobs, boosting their job satisfaction, and increasing morale.

Knowledge Is Power

With quick access to every faculty member’s lifecycle via our web-based Faculty Dashboard, your school is in a powerful position to answer any questions that arise from candidates, faculty members, deans, or department chairs.

Our reporting feature also delivers statistics to help faculty affairs and academic HR departments identify any slow-downs or inaccuracies throughout the faculty lifecycle.

Existing faculty members and candidates will enjoy the experience of working with your school, especially compared to the painful appointment and promotion processes at other universities.

By streamlining your workflows and bringing the entire faculty lifecycle process online, Mountain Pass positions your school on the leading edge of faculty position management.

Leave Your Legacy

As the director of faculty affairs and academic HR, you have a unique opportunity to transform your school’s operations. With SmartPath, your staff will be able to complete more faculty appointments, evaluations, and promotions in a fraction of the time.

Department chairs will take notice of the efficiency gains and the time and cost savings brought on by Mountain Pass. Optimized faculty position management workflows will positively impact your school’s budget and alleviate the time pressures placed on faculty affairs, department, and academic HR staff by deans and department chairs.

Avoid potentially catastrophic faculty management errors and protect your school and university from legal risks.