Faculty Management Software for Academic C-level

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Bring the Power of Workflow Optimization to Your School

Your faculty affairs and academic HR departments are inundated with status update calls from departments and eager faculty members, burdened by last-minute requests for exceptions, and buried in thousands of pages of paper constantly filtering through the office.

With pressures to onboard the best faculty in the shortest amount of time, faculty affairs and academic HR departments need a solution to dig themselves out from the paperwork and administrative tasks that slow down the faculty management process.

Leave the Workflow to Us

Academic schools and departments lose a significant amount of time and money due to outdated processes and inefficient workflows.

With Mountain Pass, you don’t need to worry about the workflow process – just notice the results. Rest assured that our proven faculty management software and industry expertise will drastically improve your workflows and make the entire faculty position management process runs as efficiently as possible.

My Budget is Already Spread Thin. How Can I Afford Mountain Pass?

How can you afford not to have Mountain Pass? Our faculty management software for the academic C-level will have an immediate impact on your school’s operations and workflows. Efficiencies gained in every step of the faculty management lifecycle will amount to major cost and time savings for your school, easily offsetting the cost to implement Mountain Pass.

A nationally recognized medical school eliminated over $7,200 in packet printing costs, saved $160,000 in shipping costs, and captured an additional $1.5M in reimbursement revenue in the first year with Mountain Pass.

Not only does Mountain Pass save your school money, we also make everyone’s jobs more efficient and meaningful. Our intuitive, easy-to-use Faculty Dashboard reduces status update calls into your school by up to 85%, freeing faculty affairs, department, and academic HR staff to perform their more impactful job responsibilities.

Eliminate Complaints from Your IT Department

  • Simple integration
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant data center
  • Complete, low internal maintenance solution

First Impressions Are Everything

With streamlined workflows and efficient faculty management processes, everyone will take notice of your school’s innovation. Gain a competitive advantage among top candidates and faculty members – especially after other schools’ faculty affairs and academic HR offices have put them through the wringer with extensive paperwork and long delays.

Other schools within your university and even competing schools will see yours as a leader in faculty position management excellence.