SmartPath™ increases the efficiency of faculty workflow processes at
medical schools, academic hospitals, health systems, and other academic schools.

SmartPath enhances faculty workflow processes

SmartPath’s Faculty Dashboard provides a single department-level view of all faculty affairs management stages, including appointment, evaluation, promotion, and career events of all faculty members. Additional modules are available to support credentialing and enrollment of clinicians and medical school faculty. With SmartPath, managing faculty workflow processes for your institution can be simplified, streamlined, and successful.

Faculty members and candidates have full access to their Faculty Dashboard 24/7. They can quickly login to upload documents or complete required CV and personal information. Every event in a faculty member’s career lifecycle can be viewed in one place. Our web-based faculty management software as a service platform supports every step of the academic faculty lifecycle, from the first affiliation with the university to termination or retirement. Whether you are a part of the faculty affairs office, human resources, or IT department, integrating SmartPath into your faculty affairs workflow is the right choice.

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