3 Keys to Success for Your Faculty Management System

How do you maximize adoption and utilization of a faculty management system? Addressing quality, process visibility, and accountability can yield big results in the ultimate success of your software investment. Stating the obvious: faculty affairs administrators see big benefits from automating appointment, promotion, and tenure (APT) processes. But finding the right technology is just the…

Questions about automating faculty workflow processes?

Questions to Ask When Automating Faculty Workflow Processes

Configurability is critical in new technology adoption: Most faculty affairs offices are looking for ways to make a big impact on quality and efficiency and to do it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Hence an investment in a new technology. But ironically, some of the most important questions to be asked about a new faculty…


Automating Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Processes

According to a recent AACU survey, over 70% of college presidents anticipate revenue losses of 10% or more. So, is now really the right time to consider automating your appointment, promotion, and tenure processes? We’ve all seen the stats. And most of us are in the midst of experiencing them personally. Today’s faculty affairs leaders…